Kingdom Winds Publishing (KWP) is the book publishing arm of Kingdom Winds LLC based in Greenville, South Carolina. We specialize in publishing Christian books and books that are consistent with Christian values and principals. 

Kingdom Winds is a marketplace ministry founded in 2018 with a broad mission to disperse God-inspired works to advance the Kingdom of God. Our name derives from Zachariah 6:5 (The Voice) — "These are the four winds of heaven that disperse His power and enact His will..."

At the heart of our ministry is KingdomWinds.com, a rapidly growing multimedia platform featuring the works of the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian creatives and ministries. KWP began operations in early 2018 and Kingdomwinds.com was soft launched later that year and fully launched in April 2019. 


Gary and Elizabeth Suess are the co-founders of Kingdom Winds LLC, Kingdom Winds Collective, and Kingdom Winds Publishing. Officially, Gary serves as President and Beth serves as VP; however, each continues to wear multiple hats in the ongoing build and daily operation of this marketplace ministry. 

After spending almost three decades building and leading mortgage banking businesses for community, regional, and money center banks, Gary felt led to a different calling as God planted a vision for Kingdom purpose. With his career being marked by innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, including many years in the digital space—it was almost as if he was prepared for the leap into this new venture. 

When Gary shared the vision and multi-faceted plan with Beth, she felt the same passion that was placed on Gary's heart. And, similar to him, her background unknowingly helped her prepare for what was to come. 

Beth, too, "cut her business teeth" in banking, and later worked for a small, entrepreneurial business for a period of time. But, most importantly, she has maintained a lifelong passion for books. Her voracious appetite for reading—and particularly reading the Word and Christian books—is evidenced by our forever overflowing bookcases. 

Additionally, both Gary and Beth were bitten by the writing bug several years. Each of them created and maintained their own blogs for a few years. More recently, they collaborated together to co-author their own book, Joy All Around Us: Finding Joy in an Upside Down World.