A Novel reflecting worldly affairs and the heart of men

Pauline Henning

Surprisingly, Illuminating Dark Valley reflects current worldly affairs as well as the hearts of men in a distinct novel of family, community and intrigue.

“From the beginning, this book was very hard to put down. Pauline has a real talent for making the Scalini family and the valley come alive with descriptive verbiage and heart. It will appeal to all ages, especially young women adventuring out into their young adult lives. It is unique in its storyline and character development. Kudos to Pauline for her perseverance in bringing this story and family off the pages into authentic, original, dynamic, imaginative writing. You will no doubt wish you had bought two, one to give away! Looking forward to the sequel!!”



Illuminating Dark Valley

The Scalini Family enjoy a resourceful, often creative lifestyle nestled in the Italian Alps in the early 1900s. Always striving for a better life and in an attempt to keep the townspeople from moving, they embark on a quest to reflect the disappearing winter sun to their valley. This engineering feat will take more than their ability which leads them to seek help from a nearby city. Upon an initial rejection of their invention, they meet a rich entrepreneur with less than honest motives. As events unfold, the family become aware of the sinister forces threatening their reputation and eventually even their freedom. Mounting incriminations cause Tia Scalini to take matters into her own hands along with Lorenzo, the boy from next door. Join them as they embark on a remarkable adventure to find the evidence needed to exonerate Ruben Scalini and ultimately the town. Can they uncover the truth before it’s too late? Will Tia’s tenacity and savvy be enough to free her father and save her beloved Dark Valley?



Pauline Henning makes her home in Colorado. A retired teacher librarian with 23 years of experience in critiquing literature with her students gave her a unique perspective when writing her first novel. She realized that critiquing is far easier than writing.

Growing up In Washington, D.C., she realized her young desire to be a farmer would need to be pursued in greener pastures which she embarked on as soon as she was old enough. Not having confidence in her farming ability, she contented herself with a green house in the mountains. She is now caring for her plants and harvesting their best parts jut before they expire. Like her plants, she is tending and harvesting her writing-self before completely retiring.

Illuminating Dark Valley





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Couldn't Put it Down!

Illuminating Dark Valley is a combination of intrigue, resilience against evil, unique plot, and vibrant description. It is exciting for the target audience, but adults will enjoy it as well. There's romance, family bonds, some "who done it," and a strong finish. It's fast moving and paints a terrific word picture of the setting in Italy. I hope we will hear more from this author!

sherry v.

Very Exciting

I loved this book. It was so exciting I could not stop reading. I liked the characters and learning about new places. It took place in Italy in 1910. I highly recommend this book.


Kept my attention from beginning to end

I loved the Scalini family and how they came together to overcome adversity. Tia was believable in her teenage quandaries and in her impulsiveness which proved effective.



A very enjoyable read

I enjoyed getting to know the Scalini family members. Tia’s strong character and tender heart, faithful in her responsibilities, yet growing into adulthood little by little. Her sisters and brothers, each having their particularities manage to function together for the good of their unusual community. A great read, a good example of an imperfect community trying to advance for the benefit of their population as a whole as well as the individual. I really hope this is just the beginning of a book series for this author…it would even make a wholesome tv series.



Great story!

I am admittedly not a huge reader, but this book actually kept me interested and wanting to read more! A great read, I hope there is more to come from the author!

Eamon j. cassidy


Full of colorful characters and wholesome wisdom that keeps you turning the pages !

I am admittedly not a huge reader, but this book actually kept me interested and wanting to read more! A great read, I hope there is more to come from the author!



Illuminating Dark Valley

A novel reflecting worldly affairs and the heart of men.


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Illuminating Dark Valley

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